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Sexuele Voorlichting - Puberty Sexual Education For Boys And Girls (1991) English.avi




In short, it presents information about puberty, it is no doubt a good film to make your children aware of such a sensitive subject as puberty. It is no doubt a film for young teens but older teens should also watch it as it will provide them with a guide on how to treat their sexual partners and how to prepare themselves mentally for entering a sexual world of their own. Maybe they will be the next teen who will make this film. Excellent film, for all ages, with a fair balance between adult content and details. You can consider yourself lucky if you can see this film! holly's Heart ( A short film that is about holly). Sample: Quest to see the world on my own terms, a film about a boy who has a dream of seeing the world on his own terms, and a girl who wants to support him to see that dream through, both of them are teenagers. This film also uses a book called Friends and Bests to help explain some of the story. This movie made by a group of students of Vancouver film school. Awarded Best Short Film at the International Competition for the World Festival of Young Cinema held in Copenhagen, May 2005. Dreams are a great way to start our day off. This is a wonderful film that shows me that I can achieve any of my dreams. I want to share this with my daughter who is about to start high school. This film is a nice little film for all ages to enjoy. You can get this online in my "Net-video" free section. This is a story about a group of teens who are learning and developing to become role models in their community. Not only does the film aim to teach about the basics of sexual education, but also to teach about tolerance, self-image and respect for others. The teens are given a chance to develop their skills as they travel across the country to visit events, speak at schools, film festivals, community centres and even a talk show. This film explores issues of self-esteem, self-image, learning about sexuality, sexism, bullying and learning how to have respect for others. It was made as part of the Youthlink Youth Education Program. This is an excellent film that breaks down the word of how to know a girl and how to date her. The girls are shown in their houses and at school to give you an idea of their daily routine. The boys also get a chance to learn the basics of dating the girls they like. This film deals with topics such as





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Sexuele Voorlichting - Puberty Sexual Education For Boys And Girls (1991) English.avi

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